Exited Investments


SemiTorr Group, Inc.

SemiTorr was founded in 1988 serving the Pacific Northwest. SemiTorr expanded coverage to support a vast array of markets throughout the western United States and is now a leading distributor and representative. With a core focus on semiconductor, solar, data storage, life science industry, and other related markets, SemiTorr has three stock distribution centers, Livermore California, Chandler Arizona, and Tualatin Oregon. Read more >



Pinnacle Exhibits, Inc.

Pinnacle is a leading designer and manufacturer of creative, full-service experiential environments, including custom tradeshow exhibits, events, museum exhibits, and retail display environments.  Pinnacle’s full-service operations provide its customers with everything from concept to completion – design, engineering, project management, fabrication, installation/dismantling, on-site service management, storage, maintenance, and logistics support.  Pinnacle’s customers include large companies with highly visible brands, across a wide range of industries.   Read more>



O'Currance Teleservices, Inc.

O’Currance provides telemarketing, telesales, and various call center operations for clients in a wide range of industries. O'Currance deploys a unique mix of more than 600 (virtual) home-based and brick and mortar center-based sales representatives to handle in-bound consumer calls from various marketing promotions, including radio, television, direct mail, newspaper and internet campaigns. The company has been widely-recognized for its highly-trained sales force which consistently generates higher than industry standard conversion rates from inbound calls.   Read more>


SP Industries, Inc.


SP Industries, Inc.

SP Industries is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of laboratory research and process equipment, glassware and precision glass components, and configured-to-order manufacturing equipment. The Company's established brands comprise several of the most recognized names in the laboratory products market and are complemented by a profitable service and support group. Read more >

Hawkins and E-Z Messenger Legal-Support Providers, LLC (HELP, LLC)

Hawkins and E-Z Messenger Legal-Support Providers, LLC



Hawkins and E-Z Messenger Legal-Support Providers, LLC (HELP, LLC) is a combination of the two largest legal services businesses in the State of Arizona. The Company is the dominant provider of legal support services with significant competitive advantages in Arizona.  With multiple offices in Arizona, the Company offers a variety of services including legal service of process, court courier services, court research, legal messenger service, skip tracing, and investigation. The company employs approximately 150 people Read more >

AXZAS, founded in 2006, by HELP in conjunction with the largest process services companies in California and Texas, is a national legal support services company focused primarily on process services for large collection firms and child and welfare agencies.  

Fluid Logic


Fluid Logic produces one of the highest quality colloidal silicas in the world through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Silco2 International, LLC. Colloidal silica isultra small nano-scale silica particles suspended in aquious material such as water, isopropyl alcohol, methanol or various other organic solvents. The Company's products are used in more than 350 manufacturing processes, including semiconductors, paper packaging, optical coatings, plastics, and building products. Fluid Logic also produces grinding and fabrication fluids for a variety of industrial applications including automotive glass and precision optics.


In March 2009, Riverlake exited its investment in Fluid Logic through the sale of stock in a management-led buyout.


Stock Equipment Company, Inc.


Stock Equipment Company, Inc.

Stock Equipment is a leading manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment and environmental controls for the power generation and other process industries.  Stock operates with three primary product lines: the Stock brand is the worldwide market leader for gravimetric coal feeders used in coal-burning, electric power generation plants;  the Redler brand covers bulk material chain conveyor handling systems used in the biomass, food and grain, and ports and terminals industries; and Forry brand controls provides electronic controls for various process equipment.  A significant portion of the Company’s revenue comes from aftermarket products and replacement parts.  Stock sells its products worldwide with operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, China and India.

In June 2006, Riverlake exited its investment in Stock Equipment through its sale to Schenck Process AG, located in Frankfurt, Germany.   Read more>