Exited Portfolio Company

O’Currance is a leading outsourced provider of inbound telesales services. The Company specializes in “soft” sales, where consumers initiate a phone call to gain additional information on certain products or services often through a free trial, DVD/CD, or information packet. The Company is known as the industry expert for radio-based campaigns, but calls are also generated through television, internet, or direct mail advertising campaigns.  A highly trained sales force combined with innovative use of technology is essential in generating a high conversion rate from these inbound calls. The higher the conversion rate, the higher a client’s return per media dollar spent.  Because O’Currance sales agents are able to generate high conversion rates, management believes they provide the best value (dollar volume of sales per call) in the industry.  The Company has proven to successfully develop long-term relationships with clients that have complex and growing sales requirements and that generate significant recurring revenue.

O’Currance utilizes a dynamic mix of home–based sales representatives and sales personnel based in two call centers located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This dynamic mix (50% working remotely and 50% working onsite), combined with rigorous training and coaching programs, represent the Company’s competitive advantage and allows it to maintain its industry-leading conversion rates.  All agents are hired and trained at one of the Company’s call center locations. When agents reach certain performance thresholds, they are given the option to work from home. Working from home is a promotion for O’Currance agents and leads to a more dedicated and productive agent.  The average sales agent is 36 years old and has a college degree.

In addition, the Company has developed industry and product expertise that allows its sales agents to be more effective in converting inbound sales calls.  The Company has particular strength in all categories of “intellectual property” based products, and its current client portfolio includes business & entrepreneurship, health & wellness, education, and household products.  These categories are well suited for an outsourced sales platform and have attractive underlying fundamentals and growth prospects.