Investment Criteria

Whether a corporate carve-out or a closely held business, initial platform or strategic add-on acquisition, Riverlake Partners focuses on acquiring smaller profitable companies with enterprise values between $15 million and $60 million.  We believe this market segment is the most under served and represents an area where we can make the most contribution as a partner.  After determining that an investment opportunity fits within a developed theme and industry focus, Riverlake Partners evaluates certain key company attributes as compared to our core investment criteria:

  • Developed, defendable, and understandable core business model

  • Favorable longer-term organic growth dynamics or strategic acquisition opportunities
  • Management team open to change and culturally aligned with Riverlake Partners
  • Identified opportunity for Riverlake Partners to add value through operational, financial, and strategic change
  • Ability to financially lever cash flows or assets between 2 to 4 times operating earnings
  • Positive cash flow between $2 million and $10 million
  • Five-year return objectives of greater than 30% IRR