History and Philosophy

Riverlake Partners, founded in 2003, is a private equity firm focused on leveraged control growth investments in small companies where ownership and leadership dynamics provide an opportunity to create significant value by improving operational, financial, and strategic decision making. 

Riverlake Partners originated from the desire to leverage our partners' shared operating experiences, relationship networks, and investment philosophies. We believe that we can materially improve the performance of the businesses in which we invest by identifying, developing and working closely with capable management teams and applying our strong operating, strategic and financial backgrounds.

It is a combination of tangible and intangible attributes that sets Riverlake Partners apart from our peers: 


  • Non threatening style We approach deals with a refreshing up-front, honest and cooperative style which is very effective in building strong, trusting, committed, and motivated leadership teams, regardless of a company’s profile.  We tend to be less aggressive in our approach and are highly sensitive to cultural fit between our professionals, management, and/or owners.
  • Operator’s perspectiveWe bring an “operator's” perspective to our deals, rather than a pure “investor's” perspective.  This enables us to identify with management and find solutions to real operations issues.
  • Genuine concern for the teamWe truly care about our businesses and that manifests in what our leadership teams think and will do for Riverlake Partners.
  • Connection to Pacific Northwest Values Our location, longevity in the region, and backgrounds give us a unique perspective on and an understanding of the region's employment dynamics, business eco-system and infrastructure, and lifestyle characteristics.

Our investment and operating professionals are joined by an experienced, diverse and strategic Advisory Board that offers in-depth knowledge of several key industries with which the Fund actively seeks to make investments.