Current Portfolio Company


Omega Morgan is the leading specialized equipment moving and industrial services companies on the West Coast.  The Company offers national and international engineering, moving and transport services for difficult and highly complex projects.  Services include: heavy rigging, infrastructure, machinery & equipment moving, crating and packaging, industrial construction, and process equipment moves in clean environments.


450K lb. transformer uprighting

With headquarters in Hillsboro, OR, and offices in Fife, WA, the Company’s capabilities enable it to lift, move and transport specialized items that range in weight from several hundred pounds to several hundred tons.  Omega has experienced rapid growth by serving customers in diverse industries including energy (transformers, turbines and wind generation equipment), aerospace, microelectronics, healthcare and manufacturing.


72K lb. MRI at OHSU            350K lb. hydraulic press           170K lb. T.B.M. component


With its state-of-the-art equipment inventory, breadth of service offering, and top safety record, Omega Morgan has attracted leading customers including Intel, Boeing, Union Pacific, PGE among others.