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Advanced Decorative Systems

Advanced Decorative SystemsAdvanced Decorative Systems, Inc. (ADS) is the largest global, independent manufacturer of automotive instrument dials and appliqués. These products are sold primarily to Tier One system manufacturers and OEMs. In addition, the Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of a broad range of other decorative products for automotive cockpits and interiors, many of which are based on innovative, patented technology. The Company’s products are found on virtually every major automobile producer in the world. ADS is located in Flint, Michigan.

ADS FacilitiesThe Company's 160,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities are vertically integrated through product design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and sales. The Company’s TS 16949 standards approved facilities include extensive class 10,000 clean rooms, high volume print lines, paint and laser etch technology, high pressure forming and assembly.

Process capabilities include the ability to produce high volume 2D and 3D automotive instrument dials and appliqués on a 24/7 basis in both Europe and North America.

ADS also has the capabilities to manufacture a wide range of in-mold decorative 3D automotive components including HVAC bezels, gear change surrounds, steering wheel buttons, and larger decorative interior components. Increasingly OEMs are using 3D in-molding as a means to differentiate their products from their competitors, resulting in greater demand for the supply of more complex products. The Company has responded to this trend by introducing innovative techniques that utilize new materials which reduce parts count and provides greater functionality at a substantially reduced costs.


The Company's diverse worldwide customer base includes, among others, Visteon, Ford, TRW, Yazaki, Johnson Controls, Chrysler, Siemens VDO, and Delphi with the products themselves ending up in virtually every make of vehicle.