Case Studies

 Fluid Logic, LLC


Transaction Profile

Fluid Logic, Portland, OR, was 100% owned by Larry Lindland the Company’s founder.  The explosive growth opportunity in a large market made it imperative for this small specialty chemical producer to find a solution to successfully launch a new industry-disruptive process technology for CPM slurry.   


In the summer of 2005, Riverlake successfully completed the purchase/recapitalization of Fluid Logic LLC.  Several months earlier, Riverlake was contacted by the Company’s founder, who had a successful prior investment relationship with Riverlake’s principals.  The founder had come to the end of his ability to capitalize the Company properly and was in need of a partner.  Riverlake teamed with the owner to structure a transaction whereby Riverlake maintained control while the founder stayed deeply committed and would be rewarded when the business was ultimately sold to a larger buyer.


Riverlake saw the opportunity to team with a proven leader in an industry where it had met success in the past.  Riverlake believed that the Company's core process technology and industry-disruptive products provided a compelling reason to invest.  Riverlake believed that its ability to help properly capitalize the business combined with providing critical internal process and reporting disciplines would mesh well with the creative efforts of the founder.  


As with most smaller, rapidly growing organizations, it was extremely important to maintain a balance between growth capital and cost controls.  Riverlake offered strong leadership and a watchful eye toward utilization of precious resources in both capital and talent.  This enabled the Company to make the transition from individual dynamics prevalent in a privately owned company to an organization with the proper internal controls and corporate disciplines necessary to maintain consistent growth.    


Developing a tactical path to market in an industry dominated by large players can be a tricky process.  Through a keen focus on productivity and process improvements the Company has established itself as a flexible provider of solutions unattainable by other suppliers.  Additionally, Fluid Logic's understanding of customer needs across multiple end markets enabled it to develop product recapture programs that create significant value-add to its end customers in dealing with waste.   


Since Riverlake’s involvement, Fluid Logic grew revenues over 100% and positioned itself to supply some of the world’s most demanding electronic materials customers with colloidal silica products that offer ultra-high purity and uniformity levels unachievable by the Company’s competition.  Specifically, Riverlake, in conjunction with management, initiated several value-add activities, including:  transitioned business from pre-production to commercial production; developed complete internal reporting and controls processes; developed and initiated come-to-market and project prioritization systems; and instituted SPC systems.