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Riverlake's Executiver Partnering Program

Riverlake Partners is a private equity firm founded and run by seasoned operating executives. We make control investments in smaller profitable companies where our team's collective experience can serve as a catalyst for growth. Integral to Riverlake's investment strategy is its executive leader partnership program, where we work in concert with a proven team of industry veterans to initiate investments in companies within targeted industries.

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Target Industry: Education


Riverlake Partners seeks to create an enterprise that will acquire and operate education companies and that will use data as its core leveraged asset. These target companies will provide high quality, research-based and innovative products and services, and will work with local and state education agencies, education service districts, and private and charter schools.

Companies of interest in this education space will fall into three broad categories: content-based (those who create proprietary content), administration and operation-based (those who provide administrative and operational support and systems), and service providers (those who utilize and often disseminate the proprietary content discussed above amongst institutional, governmental, and individual consumers).

Industry Sectors:

  1. Content-Based Programs: Assessment and Item Banks; Basal and Supplemental Instructional Software
  2. Administration and Operation-based: Data Warehousing/Reporting; Business Intelligence
  3. Service Providers: Educational Resource Planning, Special Education Programs

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Target Industry: Social and Behavioral Health Services


Riverlake Partners seeks to create an enterprise that will acquire and operate companies that provide social and behavioral health services. These targeted companies work with clients who are eligible for government assistance due to income level, emotional and/or mental disabilities, or court order.

Services provided by the companies in this target industry are generally one of the following broad types: treatment and rehabilitation, (programs aiming to therapeutically correct issues associated with the specific social or behavioral disadvantage of the individual), facilitation (programs to educate individuals and enable them to be active participants in society), and ongoing care (programs catering to those needing longer-term or permanent care or assistance).

Industry Sectors:

  1. Treatment/Rehabilitation: Home & Community-based Counseling; Residential Treatment Centers; Juvenile Justice Systems
  2. Facilitation Programs: Vocational Rehabilitation; Alternative School Programs; Independent Living Programs
  3. Ongoing Care: Autism Programs/Services; Therapeutic Foster Care; MR/DD Programs

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